Need Sandblasting Services?

Our team in Pasco, WA would be glad to help you out

Sandblasting is used to remove or smooth the top layer of a surface-usually metal. It's typically done to clean the surface or prepare it for painting. If you need a metal sandblaster, reach out to High Desert Custom Coating. We offer sandblasting services for clients in Pasco, WA.

Only professionals with proper protective equipment should use metal sandblasters, so it's better to leave the job to our highly trained team. We'll look forward to working with you.

There are many good reasons to schedule sandblasting services. You should call us if you want to:

  • Remove scratches or casting marks from metals
  • Clean and remove rust from metal
  • Help the metal last longer and look nicer

You can expect our team to be thorough and efficient. Schedule an appointment today to get started.